Developed for people working with complex chemistries, the Quantemol Database (QDB) supports and compares multiple data sets to establish a trusted resource for plasma chemistry information. Chemistry reaction sets can be used in several different plasma modeling software packages. QDB brochure.

QDB provides:

  • Comparison of different data sets
  • Reliable data
  • Delivery to your plasma modeling software via an API
  • Ongoing data updates and support
  • Validated chemistry sets
  • Ordering of custom cross sections to be calculated
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Join QDB to benefit from:

  • Access to pre-assembled and validated chemistry sets
  • Functionality to download cross sections and chemistry sets in flexible text format
  • Customer support helping to tailor our chemistry sets to user’s plasma model
  • Help in assembling user’s own chemistry set
  • Ability to leave feedback on the data and read feedback from other users
  • Free participation in plasma chemistry design workshops and webinars
  • Access to API for popular plasma modeling software
  • Access to Dynamic Chemistry Generator
  • Access to our Global Model
  • Access to our Boltzmann Solver

Quantemol-DB Global Model App Free Trial Request Form:

Please fill in the form below to request your free two-week trial. This trial will work on both Windows and Linux however it will not work on older operating systems. The free trial will only give access to one chemistry whereas the full version gives access to all chemistries (over 40 sets).