Developed for people working with complex chemistries, the Quantemol Database (QDB) supports and compares multiple data sets to establish a trusted resource for plasma chemistry information. Chemistry reaction sets can be used in several different plasma modeling software packages. QDB brochure.

QDB provides:

  • Comparison of different data sets
  • Reliable data
  • Delivery to your plasma modeling software via an API
  • Ongoing data updates and support
  • Validated chemistry sets
  • Ordering of custom cross sections to be calculated
  • To read our recent publication click here

Join QDB to benefit from:

  • Access to pre-assembled and validated chemistry sets
  • Functionality to download cross sections and chemistry sets in flexible text format
  • Customer support helping to tailor our chemistry sets to user’s plasma model
  • Help in assembling user’s own chemistry set
  • Ability to leave feedback on the data and read feedback from other users
  • Free participation in plasma chemistry design workshops and webinars
  • Access to API for popular plasma modeling software (coming end of Jan 2017)
  • Access to Chemistry Generator (coming soon)