A great summer for Quantemol!

We here at Quantemol ltd. have had an excellent summer and want to share with you whats been going on […]

Collaboration with ESI

Quantemol and ESI are partnering to offer ACE+ customers access to bespoke chemistries for their plasma processes modelling.  You can now choose the chemistry […]

Quantemol Seminar 25 November 2020

Join us for a free online seminar, where the Quantemol team will present our recent developments and provide tutorials for […]

Q&A_QEC: electronic states representation

Q:  Why electronic excited states for diatomic molecules in #quantemolEC are represented differently than conventionally expected? For example, N2 molecule’s […]

Q&A_QEC: Pseudo and real resonances

Q: How to distinguishes between a real resonance and pseudo resonance in QuantemolEC results? A: The resonance parameters are produced […]

Q&A_QVT: Parallelisation

Q: How to utilize parallelisation in QVT( HPEM)? A:  Paralleliastion option is available in all versions of QVT and it […]

New Series of Posts: Q&A

Quantemol team has been rather busy recently with active preparation of software releases for QVT (available) and QEC (coming soon) […]

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2021 (2)
  • 15. September A great summer for Quantemol!
    We here at Quantemol ltd. have had an excellent summer and want to share with you whats been going on with us! New Software We have released two new products this summer for modelling electron collision cross sections and plasma sciences. Firstly we have brought out our most recent version of Quantemol-EC (v1.2). This software […]
  • 15. September New price list coming January 2nd 2022!
    Starting on the second of January 2022 we are increasing our prices on all products. If you wish to get in before this price rise or have any further questions then please contact us at sales@quantemol.com The new prices will be as follows with the current prices available here. New prices are available in other […]
2020 (12)
  • 04. November Collaboration with ESI
    Quantemol and ESI are partnering to offer ACE+ customers access to bespoke chemistries for their plasma processes modelling.  You can now choose the chemistry you need, request optimisation for your process conditions and have it available in ACE+ friendly format. Read more here.
  • 04. November Quantemol Seminar 25 November 2020
    Join us for a free online seminar, where the Quantemol team will present our recent developments and provide tutorials for users who are starting to work with plasma chemistry. See the preliminary programme an register here. #quantemoldb #quantemolec
  • 13. September Q&A_QEC: electronic states representation
    Q:  Why electronic excited states for diatomic molecules in #quantemolEC are represented differently than conventionally expected? For example, N2 molecule’s second and third excited states are represented by B1U, B3G instead of A 3∑u+, B 3∏g.    A: This is related to Group Theory. The quantum chemical packages employed in QEC only use D_{2h} symmetry and […]
  • 10. September Q&A_QEC: Pseudo and real resonances
    Q: How to distinguishes between a real resonance and pseudo resonance in QuantemolEC results? A: The resonance parameters are produced as a part of the #QuantemolEC output, based on RESON module results. Read more about RESON here: Tennyson, J., & Noble, C. J. (1984). “RESON – A program for the detection and fitting of Breit-Wigner […]
  • 01. September Q&A_QVT: Parallelisation
    Q: How to utilize parallelisation in QVT( HPEM)? A:  Paralleliastion option is available in all versions of QVT and it can be enabled via the interface in the calculations settings tab.  You need to check the Parallelization box and then select the number of cores used in the box below this. The effect of the […]
  • 28. August Q&A_QEC: Vertical Excitation Energy Cutoff
    Q: What is the difference between the vertical excitation energy cutoff, start energy and end energy in close coupling (CC) calculations in QEC?  A: The start and end energy grid define the energies of the incoming scattering electron. The vertical energy cutoff defines an energy cutoff for the inclusion of excited states in the close […]
  • 26. August Q&A_QEC: Rotational Cross section Data
    Q: How rotational cross section data is calculated in QEC and where can I find the results?  A: QEC plots the summed cross-sections of all transitions calculated in the PolyDCS module, but not the cross-sections for the individual processes. You can find the detailed output in the outer/polydcs subfolder of the project directory. The filenames […]
  • 24. August Q&A_QEC: Momentum Transfer and differential cross sections
    Q: Can QEC calculate the momentum transfer, differential and integrated differential cross-section? Does it only provide scattering cross-section data on elastic collisions between electrons and ground-state molecules or other processes too? A: Yes it does calculate all of them for elastic collisions and rotational excitation. Specifically, the PolyDCS module of UKRmol calculates the differential, integrated […]
  • 21. August New Series of Posts: Q&A
    Quantemol team has been rather busy recently with active preparation of software releases for QVT (available) and QEC (coming soon) and due to several new customers joining this summer. We always welcome active users and their questions have inspired us to create a number of short posts with general questions we receive and answer them. […]
  • 24. June When Virtual Offices Come Together
    It’s been a while since we met up with the Quantemol team in real life and I want to share our virtual office experience. I asked my colleagues to send me their home office arrangements and the collage shows how people are making working from home actually work.  Quantemol is a largely online friendly business […]
  • 02. April Quantemol Virtual Laboratory: A smart way to work from home
    We are living in unprecedented times. Remote working has become vitally important and the impetus is growing to save the planet while striving for greater accuracy at a lower cost.  Quantemol’s virtual laboratory allows our partners to work remotely without having to venture out to use a bricks and mortar laboratory. Results can be processed, […]
  • 18. March COVID-19 CEO statement
    Like many other companies, Quantemol is adapting to the changing environment, influenced by the spread of Covid-19. The health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners are our key priority. We are following advice from the UK government and started working from home this week. Even though this requires changes to our style of […]
2019 (4)
  • 01. August Our July Update
    Quantemol releases the first version of Quantemol-EC software. Get QEC FREE trial, sign up here!  Quantemol successfully co-hosted a R-MADAM workshop in London on 24-26 June 2019. The Quantemol Session on Tuesday afternoon was particularly popular. See slides from the Quantemol team talks here:Quantemol-Electron Collisions – new software introductionQuantemol-DB projectPhotos and presentation slides from other speakers can be found on […]
  • 26. April NEW publication and QDB feature COMING soon.
    Our team is working on making work with chemistry data easier than it has always been! Modelling plasma systems in the complex gas environment usually mean dealing with reaction schemes containing tens of species and up to a thousand reactions. Incorporating such complex chemical schemes is usually an impossible task for spatially resolved (2D and […]
  • 17. April QEC vs Q-N
  • 07. February Happy New Lunar Year!
    The Quantemol team is looking forward to collaborating with our customers in Asia and across the globe in the new year. Our team is preparing a new software release called QEC, stay tuned for more details next month! And why not to check out our dynamic chemistry application on QDB, assembling your own chemistry set: […]
2018 (5)
  • 14. December Happy New Year!
    . Happy New Year! Merry Christmas and festive season! The Quantemol team wishes you prosperity and joy in the next year and a cheerful festive season surrounded by your family and friends! Quantemol had a successful year where we were delighted to see many of you at various industry events. We held two workshops which […]
  • 08. October October Update
    QDB now supports COMSOL, Chemkin or VizGlow software formats for chemistry downloads. Check out yourself here: www.quantemolDB.com Quantemol held 2 workshops this September: 6 September, Designing and Reducing Complex Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan 14 September,  Electron Scattering Cross Sections for Plasma Physics and Chemistry with Quantemol-N, London, UK Both were a huge success and very well attended. […]
  • 20. July Quantemol is organising Workshop in September!
    Quantemol is excited to announce the workshop “Electron Scattering Cross Sections for Plasma Physics and Chemistry with Quantemol-N”. The workshop will take place in London, at University Colege London on 14 September 2018. We hope you will join us and embrace the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn, and improve our collaboration. The registration is FREE, but the number […]
  • 18. May Our updates and Powerbase project results
    We are keen to share with you the big news Powerbase project success! The 3-year European grant-funded project Powerbase was completed last month. The next generation of energy-saving chips for use in smartphones, laptop computers and many other applications were prepared for mass industrial production. Quantemol contributed to plasma process modelling, in particular, development of a “smart manufacturing” approach […]
  • 14. February Plasma Chemistry Design – From the ground up
    We have developed a YouTube tutorial video on how to compile a plasma chemistry set, from the ground up.
2017 (13)
  • 04. October Data 2 Design Photo Report – 2017 Workshop
  • 29. September QDB with QVT Tutorial
    QDB can be linked to your plasma modelling software via API. In this video we are using Q-VT, but if you are interested in linking a different plasma modelling software to QDB please get in touch with the Quantemol team to find out more!  
  • 14. September Workshop Feedback Survey
    Create your survey with SurveyMonkey
  • 29. August Workshop Agenda
    From Chemistry Data to Plasma Design London – 15th of September 2017 09:00 – Registration 10:00 – ‘QDB, the Quantemol Database of Plasma Processes: Current Status and Recent Development’ – Dr C. Hill 10:20 – ‘Kinetic simulation of N2/H2 with QDB chemical model’ – Dr A. Laricchuita and Dr G. Colonna 10:40 – Coffee break […]
  • 24. August Busan Workshop 2017
    We have an upcoming workshop in Korea on the 12th of September at Pusan National University. Speakers include Professor Hae June Lee and Professor Jonathan Tennyson. Date : 12th September 2017 (Tue) Location: 203, Mechanical Technology Center, Pusan National University 09:30~10:30 : Q-N presenseation & Demo (Prof. Jonathan Tennyson) 10:30~10:40 : Coffee Break 10:40~11:40 : Q-DB […]
  • 23. August Database Support Scientist Vacancy
    Vacancy- Database Support Scientist We are looking for a Database Support Scientist to manage and develop QDB, a database of plasma processes data. This is a fantastic opportunity for a scientist looking to gain computer science/programming skills. Applicants should have at least a degree (ideally an MSc) in physics, chemistry or a relevant field. The […]
  • 10. August We are moving!
    The Quantemol team are moving from London Euston to bigger offices in London Angel on the 21st of August 2017 as our team is growing!  We’ve got extra desk space and bigger meeting rooms to accommodate customers who want to come to London for training. Contact us on info@quantemol.com for more details.
  • 28. July We will see you at ISPC!
    Quantemol will be at the 23rd International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry in Montreal. Stop by and see us during the Monday afternoon poster session, and keep an eye open for our QDB subscription raffle! Saj Zand-Lashani and James Hamilton will be there from the Quantemol team.
  • 12. July Win a Q-DB travel adaptor!
    Every 3rd Q-DB subscriber in July 2017 wins a travel adapter! Sign up for free at https://www.quantemoldb.com/accounts/signup/?next=/ to be in with the chance of winning. Perfect for travelling scientists and business people, can be used worldwide- and comes with a handy plastic case! Use reference ‘Website July’ to qualify.
  • 02. June Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) Cross Section Calculated and Confirmed
    Species which can only  exist in low-energy plasma have a significant impact on the plasma’s unique properties; this is one of the reasons why plasma processes need data on complete chemistry sets to be reliable.There is so much going on in a plasma that chemistries need to include both processes between feedstock gases and the […]
  • 26. May Workshop 2017
    From Chemistry Data to Plasma Design 15th September 2017 University College London Quantemol has the pleasure of inviting you to the Data 2 Design 2017 Workshop. We are hosting a workshop for fellow professionals in the world of plasma science, and our aim is to make the process of moving from chemistry data to plasma […]
  • 02. May How to get here
    Getting Here The London workshop will take place at University College London, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT The nearest underground (tube) stations are Euston (Victoria, Northern lines), Euston Square (on Metropolian, Circle lines), Goodge Street (Northern), Warren Street (Victoria, Northern), and Russel Square (Picadilly). The closest mainline rail station is Euston, with Kings Cross a little further […]
  • 20. April QDB Publication Release
    We are pleased to now announce the release of our recent publication; QDB: a new database of plasma chemistries and reactions. The database is designed to save time, and present plasma chemistry data in a user friendly fashion. Proactive customer support is also available for subscribers, and we can’t wait to hear from you! QDB provides information […]
2016 (9)
  • 16. December Happy New Year!
    The Quantemol team sends you seasonal greetings and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the New Year! We are grateful for your support over 2016, which has been successful for Quantemol, as we launched a new project www.QuantemolDB.com in which we collaborated with many bright scientists and keen developers. During the year we also […]
  • 28. October We invite you to read a new publication using Q-N , photoionisation module
    Quantemol team is proud to announce a new publication done by our customer using Quantemol-N software, photoionisation calculation module: Formation of CN−, C3N−, and C5N− Molecules by Radiative Electron Attachment and their Destruction by Photodetachment Marjan Khamesian, Nicolas Douguet, Samantha Fonseca dos Santos, Olivier Dulieu, Maurice Raoult, Will J. Brigg, and Viatcheslav Kokoouline Phys. Rev. […]
  • 20. October GEC 2016 in Bochum how it was
    Many thanks to organisers of GEC meeting in Bochum and providing us with a stand and great location as well as very friendly meeting atmosphere!
  • 14. September QuantemolDB.com is live!
    The Quantemol team is delighted to release the plasma chemistry database QDB to the world! We are very excited and looking forward to your feedback and contributions. It is a community targeted project and the QDB mission is to provide plasma chemistry data solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of industrial and academic plasma modelling […]
  • 30. August Quantemol presenting at IWPEEA in Liverpool
    Quantemol team presented at International Workshop on Plasmas for energy and Environmental applications (IWPEEA) in Liverpool 21-24 August 2016. We are very grateful to organisers for giving us an opportunity to talk about recent research including Quantemol database (QDB). Here you can find presentation slides “QDB: A sustainable database for plasma chemistries” and a poster […]
  • 01. August Fundamental science empowering advances in technology
    Read here how accurate and comprehensive datasets for electron collisions enable complex modeling of plasma using technologies that empower our high-technology–based society:“Electron collisions with atoms, ions, molecules, and surfaces: Fundamental science empowering advances in technology“, Klaus Bartschat and Mark J. Kushner
  • 11. July Quantemol-N High energy extension
    Our team has worked very hard testing and making examples for high energy extension version of Quantemol-N software for electron-molecule scattering. We are proud to say the results compare very well with other publications and Quantemol-N now covers electron energy range from 0 – 10,000 eV. See the report here.
  • 11. May Welcome spring 2016
    Spring is coming to our hemisphere and we have some exciting updates on our collaborations. Our international reseller team was joined by Beijing Hongcam Software Technologies Co. Ltd. in the republic of China. Please get in touch with them if you are a Chinese institution/company and interested in purchasing Quantemol-N software only. Our team is […]
  • 08. February Happy New Year of the red Monkey and new releases
    Quantemol team is congratulating you with the New Year of the Red Monkey! Wishing you good health, prosperity and luck in this year. Monkey brings adventure, resolve and innovation, which we wish you a plenty off! Along with all the new hopes may the year bring more opportunities to work together and succeed! Quantemol team […]
2015 (10)
  • 23. September Workshop and new videos
    Quantemol is happy to report on the workshop held in London on 11 September 2015. Many thanks to those who were able to make it. We really enjoyed seeing you all and having many fruitful discussions! If you were not able to attend the workshop, you are still able to access some presentation slides published […]
  • 20. August Workshops announcement
    Meet us in London and Seoul We are warmly in inviting you register for our London workshop on 11 September 2015. This is a unique opportunity to see several world-renown plasma physics experts in a rather informal atmosphere and have personal interaction with them, as well as try out Quantemol and Synopsys software solution for […]
  • 04. August Workshop announcement
    Quantemol workshop Linking simulation with experiment from reactor scale modelling to feature profile. 11 September 2015, London We are warmly inviting you to join our workshop on 11 September 2015 (Friday) in London. The talk session program boasts world leading scientists: Prof. Mark Kushner, University of Michigan; Dr. Peter Ventzek, Tokyo Electron; Prof. Jean-Paul Booth, […]
  • 02. June June Newsletter
    Dear Partners, Would you like to have an access to a database with experimentally validated plasma chemistry sets? If your answer is yes, please let us know which plasma chemistries are important for your research, just answer here. We are also welcoming you to register early at our workshop “Linking simulation with experiment”, taking place […]
  • 01. May Quantemol chemistry survey
    Create your own user feedback survey
  • 10. March Quantemol workshop first spring announcement
    We are happy to announce this year’s Quantemol workshop. Please book Friday 11 September 2015 in your diaries to visit London. The workshop will focus on linking simulation with experiment, generously sponsored by CCPQ (Collaborative Computational Project Q – Quantum Dynamics in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics). Morning talks will feature recent research developments from […]
  • 13. February Mobile alert
    Now you can get alerts on your smartphone when your calculation has finished. Quantemol has registered software with pushover service. It is allows to send push notifications to your phone (android/ios) or computer. Quantemol program sends an htpp POST request to Pushover website, and then they send a push notification to their app you have […]
  • 22. January Kickstart to 2015 in Quantemol
    We are glad to be in touch about some upcoming positive news: First of all we are looking for a new Plasma Scientist to expand our team, please read more details here Second great news is that we are planning another Quantemol workshop “Linking Simulations and Experiment” in London on 11th September 2015. The program […]
  • 20. January Atomic cross sections calculations with CORINF visitor Oleg Zatsarinny (Drake University, USA), January 2015
    This month Quantemol welcomed visiting professor Dr. Oleg Zatsarinny from Drake University, USA. Over several years Dr Zatsarinny has developed a relativistic method to model electron interactions with atoms based on the Belfast Atomic R-Matrix codes. This new method can be used to calculate elastic, inelastic, electron excitation, ionisation, differential and momentum transfer cross sections […]
  • 15. January Job opportunity in Computational Low temperature Plasmas
    Quantemol has a new job opportunity in computational low temperature plasmas. Please find out more in the job description here.  
2014 (7)
  • 16. December Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Best wishes from the Quantemol team Dear Partners, 2014 was a great year for Quantemol! we have started new collaborations and continued existing ones we hosted another successful workshop in London and released new versions of Quantemol-VT and Quantemol-P a new photoionisation module was added to Quantemol-N capabilities a […]
  • 05. November Winter is coming!
    Meet with us in person this November. Quantemol is attending two big plasma conferences and looking forward to seeing you there:   1. At AVS we are presenting a poster on “The Effect of Electron-Molecule Collision Cross Sections on Plasma Models” on Tuesday 11 November, at 6.30 pm. See you in Baltimore!       […]
  • 30. July Quantemol-N Tutorial Videos
    Quantemol N Tutorial Videos   Basic tutorial   Using the NIST database   Setting up basis sets   Analysing results
  • 25. June Summer update
      Quantemol is happy to announce a new addition to the team. Dr. Sebastian Mohr has joined the Quantemol team as an expert plasma physicist and specialist in HPEM from the 2nd June. Sebastian has obtained his PhD degree at the Institute for Plasma and Atomic Physics, Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany, working on simulation and […]
  • 07. April Photo report from Quantemol Workshop 2014
    Quantemol team is grateful to everyone who made it to London last Friday and participated in our workshop “Linking simulation with Experiment”. We appreciated the in-depth talks and received very insightful and positive feedback for our software from the hands-on experience in the computer class. Please see the photo-report here. Pdf files from the workshop […]
  • 06. March Quantemol-N Express release
    Quantemol-N Express demonstration video Please see how Quantemol-N Express extra feature allows you to speed up calculation set up
  • 27. January Q-Workshop 2014: Linking Simulation with Experiment
    Quantemol is happy to announce its third workshop “Linking Simulation and Experiment” generously sponsored by CCPQ project. This workshop will take place on 4th April 2014 in University College London, London, UK. The morning of the workshop is devoted to talks by friends of Quantemol and the afternoon is a hands-on experience with the Quantemol-VT […]
2013 (5)
  • 02. December ESiP won the ENIAC innovation award 2013
    The ENIAC Joint Undertaking took the initiative to recognize the most innovative projects by an award. The project ESiP has received this distinction at the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2013. ESiP (Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration) is the biggest research project in Europe to research and develop highly integrated electronic system-in-package solutions was launched in August […]
  • 23. August ESiP completion and INPLAS workshop
    We are happy to announce that the largest research project in Europe for researching and developing highly integrated System-in-Package solutions, Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package (ESiP), has been been successfully completed! Congratulations to all partners! Quantemol has led the UK partnership and is honored to have contributed to the collaboration and innovative spirit among 40 companies […]
  • 31. July Video Tutorial and demo for Quantemol-VT
    Our team is thrilled to announce Quantemol-VT release, a new expert software system for the simulation of industrial plasma processes. Please find more details in the Brochure. You can see a demo video here, and several tutorial videos here. If you are interested whether Q-VT can simulate your system, please send an email to info@quantemol.com […]
  • 10. April Q-VT software and integration of Q-N with Molpro
    Quantemol is happy to announce the release of Quantemol-Virtual Tool (Q-VT) v1.0. A new software tool based on HPEM codes which includes enhanced features to improve the user experience when setting up a simulation: Easy to use python interface with simple workbook style file system, for easy management of simulation projects Optimization tab: an automated […]
  • 29. January New releases for 2013
    Quantemol is happy to share some of our development plans for 2013, which include a new add-on module for Quantemol-N which will be released soon: 1. Quantemol-N: Photo-ionization cross-section calculations module These processes can be relevant and worth including in your modelling if you are interested in atmospheric pressure plasma or low pressure ones including […]
2012 (5)
  • 14. December Merry X-mas and Happy New year!
    The Quantemol team sends you seasons greetings! May this Christmas be cheerful, warm and make way for a fresh and bright new year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! It has been a great year with lots of changes, more people joining the team, new software development, hosting of the […]
  • 10. July Feature Scale Simulation Examples and new Q-N feature
    Quantemol team is working on software development in several areas. Please have a look: 1. Examples of etch profile simulations performed by Quantemol here 2. Also we are happy to announce a new feature introduced in Quantemol-N v.4.2: – Rotational excitation cross-sections calculations As a reminder here is a list of other cross-sections which are […]
  • 18. May Quantemol Workshop program
    Quantemol team is happy to announce a preliminary program for the Quantemol Workshop 2012 (Linking simulation and experiment). The workshop will take place in London (UCL) on 7th November 2012. We remind you that registration to the workshop is open and free of charge. However, the number of places is limited to 30 and bookings […]
  • 18. April Quantemol-N 4.1 new feature and Q-Workshop 2012
    Quantemol team is happy to announce a new feature introduced in Quantemol-N v.4.1: The Align feature allows you to calculate cross-sections for a molecule oriented in a particular way, rather than as an average of all orientations. This feature can be useful for example when working with laser aligned gases or liquids or thin film […]
  • 23. January New Brochure
    Dear partners, Thank you very much to those who have attended the talk of Prof. Tennyson on 17th January at “8th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing” in Nara (Japan). For Prof. Tennyson it was a great pleasure to visit Japan and get to know many scientists in Asia working in the field of plasma […]
2011 (9)
  • 15. December Season’s Greetings and Annual Review
    The Quantemol team sends you season’s greetings! May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright new year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! These are a few of this year’s achievements which we are proud of: – Quantemol has […]
  • 11. November Publication in SST and upcoming events
    We are very proud to announce that our paper based on joint research project with Tokyo Electron Ltd has been published in Solid State Technology Magazine’s electronic version (ElectroIQ, Semiconductors): Predicting plasma in wafer etch and deposition via quantum mechanics We hope you will find it interesting to read. Also I would like to remind […]
  • 19. September Events, Videos and Examples
    This fall Quantemol team will be presenting at a few events: Semiconductor Conference Dresden 2011, 27-28 September, Dresden, Germany 28 September (Wednesday) Session 2.5 “Process Technology” 14.20-14.40, S. López-López et al. “Simulations of SF6 Plasma Etching in the GEC Reference Cell” AVS 58th International Symposium and Exhibition, 31 October – 4 November, Nashville, US 4 […]
  • 03. August Quantemol-N v4.0 is available
    We are happy to announce the release of Quantemol-N version 4.0. It will be distributed among current customers using our support service. New features of Quantemol-N 4.0 include: Momentum transfer cross-section calculations; Updated R-matrix codes including parallel scatci (which significantly reduce calculation times on multicore machines). Also please bear in mind the recent development of […]
  • 14. June Quantemol workshop photo report and presentation slides
    This photo report arises from the first Quantemol workshop held in London, UCL on Friday, 10 June 2011. Thanks to everyone who found time to attend it. It was an honour for us to host so many professionals in plasma physics and we hope you enjoyed it. Please find below presentation slides, which has been […]
  • 05. May Program of The First Quantemol Workshop
    We are happy to present more details on program for the First Quantemol Workshop “Linking Simulation and Experiment”. Date: 10th June 2011 (Friday) Place: University College London, Physics and Astronomy Department Aims: The workshop is aimed at giving insights in the field of modelling plasmas. Specifically, the workshop intends to broaden the knowledge of scientific […]
  • 18. April The first Quantemol workshop: “Linking simulation and experiment”
    The first Quantemol workshop: “Linking simulation and experiment” will take place on 10th June 2011 at University College London. We would like to invite you to attend a workshop to hear Quantemol software users present their research in plasma physics and share their experiences performing plasma modelling and calculations. The workshop is aimed at giving […]
  • 04. March Quantemol-N version 3.8 is available now
    We are happy to announce that a new version of Quantemol-N 3.8 is now available. New version features include: * Extension of electronic excitation cross-section to high electron energies, using BEF model; * Atomic cross-sections calculations; * Calculations can be now carried out from the command line; * A refined and updated tutorial system for […]
  • 11. January 8th Technological Plasma Workshop Presentation
2010 (4)
  • 29. November Individual Cross Sections Calculation
    Quantemol Ltd team can calculate electron-molecule scattering cross sections (from dissociative attachment to ionisation cross sections) for you using the expert system Quantemol-N Please consider a price list below. Data prices are provided for molecules of up to and including 5 atoms in size. Prices are available for larger molecules on application. Please contact us […]
  • 15. October Quantemol Presentation from GEC 2010
    Now you can download from our website a presentation made at GEC AVS conferences: Dr. James Munro, 7 Oct 4.30 pm, “Simulations of an Ar/HBr/O2 microwave source etch process and the effect of SiBr and SiBr2 cross-sections on computed etch-profiles” Dr. James Munro, 21 Oct 2.20pm. “Molecular Cross-Section Calculations Enabling Etch-Profile Simulations of a Microwave […]
  • 01. October Quantemol attending GEC, AVS & Semicon Europa 2010
    We are pleased to announce that Quantemol representatives will be attending 3 major conferences in the upcoming month: Dr James Munro, lead plasma physicist software developer, will be attending: GEC & ICRP 2010, Paris, 4-8 Oct 2010. Dr. James Munro, 7 Oct 4.30 pm, “Simulations of an Ar/HBr/O$_2$ microwave source etch process and the effect […]
  • 14. January New Release: Quantemol-D for HPEM users.
    Quantemol are absolutely delighted to announce the release of Quantemol-D. This new plasma simulation expert system wraps around the well-known HPEM codes, providing an easy to use interface and making calculations simple but effective for non-experts. Features include: Advanced palette design feature for easy re-design of tool – ‘paint’ your machine. Pre-installed with numerous existing […]
2009 (4)
  • 14. November Quantemol providing cross-section data
    Working in partnership with Prof. Zoran Petrovic of the University of Belgrade, Quantemol-N has been used to calculate cross-section data for a recently released paper: Cross-sections for the scattering of electrons with BF3 M. Radmilovic-Radjenovic, H. N. Varambhia, M. Vranic, J. Tennyson, Z. Lj. Petrovic. Publ. Astron. Obs. Belgrade No. 84 (2008), 57-60
  • 14. October Quantemol advisory board member wins 2010 Will Allis prize for study of ionized gases.
    Mark J. Kushner awarded at GEC 2009 Quantemol would like to congratulate Mark Kushner on his award, his expertise and experience working in the field if plasma physics has brought immeasurable strength to the company, aiding to put us where we are today. Full details can be found here. Prof. Jonathan Tennyson, Quantemol chief scientist, […]
  • 14. October Quantemol at GEC & AVS 2009
    Quantemol are delighted to announce a successful attendance of the 2009 gaseous electronics conference at Saratoga Springs, New York. If you didn’t manage to speak to our representative there we are also very pleased to announce that we will also be in attendance of the American Vacuum Society conference 2009 in San Jose. Look out […]
  • 14. September Quantemol chief scientist Professor Jonathan Tennyson elected as a fellow of the Royal Society.
    “Tennyson is distinguished for his fundamental work on the theory, calculation and application of molecular spectra, obtaining results of great importance in astronomy and planetary studies. His work with Miller, using first principles quantum mechanical calculations to assign an emission spectrum of H3+ in the Jovian ionosphere, led to a new observational handle which is […]
2008 (3)
  • 14. November Quantemol-N v3.5 Standard & Enterprise Editions Released
    New Features Added: Calculates Binary Encounter Bethe (BEB) ionisation cross-sections automatically. Examples Library Augmented – Over 30 example molecules in every distribution. Quantemol-N now available in Enterprise and Standard editions for users who require the ability to run batch job (EE) or single job (SE) calculations.
  • 14. September Quantemol-N Version 3.4 Released
    New Features Added: * Java swing GUI for the batch job facility * Batch job tutorial * Computation of polarisability
  • 25. May Version 3.3 of Quantemol-N released
    New Features Added: Tutorial mode – A tutorial facility for new users has been added. Batch jobs – An additional advanced feature, users can now prepare several inputs to be run as a batch job.
2007 (4)
  • 25. July Version 3.1 of Quantemol-N released
    Features: Molecule visualisation Interactive symmetry assignment tool Elastic cross sections Excitation and dissociation cross sections Rates Eigenphase sums Resonance parameters
  • 25. July 17 atom molecules are now possible
    We have recently completed a calculation on Neopentane (or perhaps 2,2 dimethyl propane). This molecule – displayed below – is the largest we have done. We are however aiming higher and are rapidly moving into the realm of bio-molecules.
  • 22. January New molecular visualisation tool
    Quantemol-N now contains a new molecule visualisation and symmetry assignment tool. Generating a molecule and specifying its symmetry is no longer laborious process and is in fact fun! Our system is demonstrated below for Neopentane.
  • 22. January Quantemol-N now works on Windows
    Version 3.0 is our first version of Quantemol-N to run on Microsoft Windows as well as Linux.