Quantemol Summer New Releases Workshop

This summer we hosted a workshop to celebrate our newly released products and give some background on them. The workshop was a great success with a great attendance and lots of insightful questions.

First up, at the workshop, we had a talk from our very own Dr Matt Turner who took us through how to use Quantemol-EC v1.2. Matt introduced the software, showcased it’s advantages over Quantemol-N and the previous version of Quantemol-EC, and showed off new features including effective core potentials and the ability to calculate vibrational cross-sections! If you would like to request a free trial of Quantemol-EC v1.2 please click here, or if you have any further questions please email sales@quantemol.com. Matt’s talk is available below:

Following Matt’s talk we heard from Dr Harin Ambalampitiya on some of the key underlying science behind Quantemol-EC and how it runs. Harin’s fascinating talk gave an excellent rundown of what goes on behind the scenes, aiding in better understanding of how to best utilize the software. Harin’s talk is available below:

Follow this, was had a change of tack and began discussing our Quantemol-DB software. Specifically, Dr Sebastian Mohr discussed how to use Quantemol-DB with a special focus on our new global modelling tool. This tool was recently developed and free trials of it are available here. Again, if you have any questions then please email us at support@quantemol.com. Sebastian’s talk is available here:

Finally, our CEO Anna Dzarasova gave a brief rundown of company history and explained how one might go about accessing and purchasing our software. The video for this is here:

If you missed this not to worry, we are organizing another, similar workshop to take place in the winter of 2021/2022. For updates on this be sure to follow us on twitter or linkedin. We hope to see you soon!