Quantemol-DB chemistries are available to CFD-ACE+ users.

Special Deal 2020

Following positive experiences of our mutual customers with ESI Group, who are also Quantemol-DB members we offer a special deal to ACE+ Suite users.

You can choose from the pre-assembled chemistry sets available on QDB:

And many others…

Plus, we will optimise the sets for your plasma conditions to improve the simulation convergence and speed up calculations.

And, we will be available for 1-year to support your work running these chemistries and answer plasma chemistry related questions (includes up to 5 full-time days of expert time working on your questions) . The special offer cost in 2020 only is  

  • 3 sets of choice  $1800 / JPY 194,400*
  • 6 sets of choice  $3000/ JPY 324,000*

If you didn’t find the chemistry you want in our library we can assemble and optimise it for you. The price will vary per application and for CFD-ACE+ customers we offer a 15% introduction discount.  

We are also extending this special deal offer of  15% discount to QDB Gold/Platinum membership to  ACE+ Suite users new to QDB if purchase order is received in 2021. 

As a paid member you can assemble your own multiple sets in QDB  and download them in  ACE+ compatible format, ready to use in your plasma modelling.

Read more about Platinum and Gold membership benefits here.

Contact us on sales@quantemol.com  and  +44 20 8133 5103  to learn more about this offer.

Terms and Conditions apply

* – the customers in Japan can purchase it via Athenasys and the prices are excluding bank transfer charges.