Dr Daniel Brown, Chairman

A successful serial entrepreneur, Daniel first founded a computer software business at the age of 13, which he ran for five years. He studied Chemical Physics and then Philosophy where he developed a passion for probability and network theory. During his doctorate in clinical psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry he developed unique computer techniques for quantifying processes of change, which were used to build interactive models of stress based on variable subject profiles. Using this methodology for automating the fulfilment of variable user needs, Daniel co-founded APR Smartlogik, a business which he built to 50 people and revenues of $6m, winning the Times Innovation award in 2001 and NLB Visionary Design award in 2003. He is an inventor with a range of patents, author of several books and over thirty papers, guest lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence at University College London, and a high profile global speaker and media commentator on Information Systems. He is a director of MegaNexus Ltd, the social networking company.

Professor Jonathan Tennyson FRS, Chief Scientist


Massey Professor of Physics, former Head of UCL’s Department of Physics & Astronomy (04-11), Jonathan is the leader of a large and successful research team studying a wide range of problems in the physics of molecules. He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and obtained a doctorate in Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sussex. After periods working in the Netherlands and a research laboratory he came to UCL where he founded the Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics and Astrophysics research group (TAMPA) which currently contains about 25 people. He is the author of over 500 papers in scientific literature as well as number of popular articles and books. Jonathan has developed methods for studying electron molecule collisions for over twenty years. In that time, specific calculations have been performed for problems relating to plasma etching, the edge of fusion plasmas, atmospheric processes, astrophysics, neutrino mass determination and radiation damage in biological systems. His group also studies the way molecules absorb and emit light with particular emphasis on processes important for astrophysics and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Anna Dzarasova, Chief Executive Officer 

Anna joined Quantemol in August 2010. She has a unique combination of two masters degrees, one in Physics and another in Marketing which combines her commercial and technical skills. With 6 years of experience in business development and over 15 years of sales experience, Anna was appointed as CEO in August 2017.  Anna is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Quantemol’s long-term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value, managing the overall operations and resources of the company, and timely execution of projects. She is the main point of communication between the board of directors and staff, and maintains a keen awareness of Quantemol’s industry and market.  You can always get in contact with her if you have questions regarding Quantemol via

Dr Sebastian Mohr, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Sebastian Mohr has joined the Quantemol team as an expert plasma physicist and specialist in HPEM in June 2014. He has obtained his PhD degree at the Institute for Plasma and Atomic Physics, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, working on simulation and modelling of CCRF-discharges in hydrogen and hydrogen/silane with HPEM. Sebastian is working various different projects at Quantemol . He is interacting with customers to provide technical support, plasma physics consulting, also he is responsible for implementation, debugging and documentation of new capabilities in Quantemol-VT modeling expert system.

Dr Maria Tudorovskaya, Scientific Consultant

Maria graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics in Technology in 2008 with a degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics. In her doctoral work (Leibniz University of Hannover, 2015) and during her postdoctoral experience (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-2017), she was studying strong and weak field regimes of photoionisation. Maria joined the team as a developer and expert in Quantemol-N in January 2018.

Martin Hanicinec, PhD Student

Martin graduated with a masters degree in Plasma Physics from Masaryk University, Brno, Czechia in 2012. After that, he worked as an R&D physicist in both Scanning Electron Microscopy and Plasma Etching industry before returning to academia in 2018. Martin joined Quantemol in March 2018 as a CASE PhD student in plasma modelling and he is working on obtaining his PhD at UCL.