Our July Update

Quantemol releases the first version of Quantemol-EC software. Get QEC FREE trial, sign up here
Quantemol successfully co-hosted a R-MADAM workshop in London on 24-26 June 2019. The Quantemol Session on Tuesday afternoon was particularly popular. 
See slides from the Quantemol team talks here:
Quantemol-Electron Collisions – new software introduction
Quantemol-DB project
Photos and presentation slides from other speakers can be found on the R-MADAM web-site:
(more presentation slides will be added soon)
Other conferences we went to. Here are the events Quantemol team members went to and their presentations:
1. International Workshop On Atomic and Molecular Data for Plasma Applications (at ICPIG). “Preparing  Atomic and Molecular  Data for Tokamak Divertor and Near-Wall Regions“, part 1, presented by Maria Tudorovskaya. Quantemol Ltd
2. International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (XXXIV ICPIG) “Preparing  Atomic and Molecular  Data for Tokamak Divertor and Near-Wall Regions“, part 2, presented by Maria Tudorovskaya. Quantemol Ltd
3. POSMOL “Quantum Electron Collisions” presented by Bridgette Cooper, University College London 
4. POSMOL “Dissociative Recombination with a Scattering Matrix Approach; HeH+ as a Test Case” presented by Aran O’Hare

Future conferences the Quantemol team is planning to attend are 
1) 20-25 October AVS Symposium in Columbus, Ohio, US
2) 21-22 November DPS, Hiroshima, Japan

If you are attending any of these events and would like to talk to us, reply to this email and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting.
Other news: 
Quantemol is now an official partner of Siemens PLMQDB data has a compatible format for the STAR CCM+ software package for plasma modelling. Contact us at info@quantemol.com if you’d like to know more.
Vibration excitation cross-section calculation method development is in full progress! The first step is the development of the approach to dissociative recombination cross-sections calculations.
If you are interested in calculations of vibrational excitation, get in touch at sales@quantemol.com, we may be able to help.
QDB launches a new form of membership. Platinum membership has all the benefits of Gold Membership plus includes calculations of cross-sections on demand. See more details here or email us at sales@quantemol.com