Busan Workshop 2017

We have an upcoming workshop in Korea on the 12th of September at Pusan National University. Speakers include Professor Hae June Lee and Professor Jonathan Tennyson.

Date : 12th September 2017 (Tue)

Location: 203, Mechanical Technology Center, Pusan National University

09:30~10:30 : Q-N presenseation & Demo (Prof. Jonathan Tennyson)

10:30~10:40 : Coffee Break

10:40~11:40 : Q-DB presenseation & Demo (Prof. Jonathan Tennyson)

11:40~13:00 : Lunch Break

13:00~13:30 : Electron collision cross sections of plasma relevant molecules using Quantemol-N (Dr. Dhanoj Gupta / NFRI)

13:30 : 18:00 : PNU Plasma center Presentation


Prof. Hae June Lee, Pusan National University

Prof. Ho-Jun Lee, Pusan National University

Dr. Ho Jun Kim, Samsung Electronics

Prof. Hee Hwan Choe, Korea Aerospace University

To find out more email info@quantemol.com and we will send you details and updates, and register you on the attendee list.