Workshop 2017

From Chemistry Data to Plasma Design

15th September 2017

University College London

Quantemol has the pleasure of inviting you to the Data 2 Design 2017 Workshop. We are hosting a workshop for fellow professionals in the world of plasma science, and our aim is to make the process of moving from chemistry data to plasma chemistry design and plasma modelling as smooth as possible. This will be achieved through talks by developers and users of the Quantemol database (QDB) along with renowned plasma modelling and plasma chemistry experts on the morning of the workshop. We will also be showcasing QDB in the afternoon with demonstrations and a hands-on session for all workshop attendees to ensure users are getting the most out of the database.

Our 2017 Data 2 Design workshop builds on previous successful events held by Quantemol where academic and industrial researchers have gathered. This is an opportunity for fellow plasma scientists to come together, learn about our plasma chemistry project QDB, network, and explore new opportunities to advance their research.

Talks & Presentations

‘QDB, the Quantemol Database of Plasma Processes: Current Status and Recent Development’ – Dr C. Hill

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‘Particle-surface interactions in industrial plasmas: influence on plasma properties and data requirements’ – Dr A. Gibson

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Modelling plasma-based CO2 conversion’ – Dr A. Bogaerts

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QVT, the plasma simulation system: Current Status and Recent Development’ – Dr S. Mohr 

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‘Kinetic simulation of N2/H2 with QDB chemical model’ – Dr A. Laricchuita and Dr G. Colonna

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Photo Report

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Venue, Travel and Accommodation

Central London location, easily accessible from any of the 6 airports, and within a walking distance from Eurostar train stations and many others.

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Contact Us

For more information, you can contact the Quantemol team at or call us on +44 203 549 58 41

Busan Workshop

12th September 2017

Pusan University

We have an upcoming workshop in Korea on the 12th of September at Pusan National University. Speakers include Professor Hae June Lee and Professor Jonathan Tennyson.

Date : 12th September 2017 (Tue)

Location: 203, Mechanical Technology Center, Pusan National University

09:30~10:30 : Q-N presenseation & Demo (Prof. Jonathan Tennyson)

10:30~10:40 : Coffee Break

10:40~11:40 : Q-DB presenseation & Demo (Prof. Jonathan Tennyson)

11:40~13:00 : Lunch Break

13:00~13:30 : Electron collision cross sections of plasma relevant molecules using Quantemol-N (Dr. Dhanoj Gupta / NFRI)

13:30 : 18:00 : PNU Plasma center Presentation


Prof. Hae June Lee, Pusan National University

Prof. Ho-Jun Lee, Pusan National University

Dr. Ho Jun Kim, Samsung Electronics

Prof. Hee Hwan Choe, Korea Aerospace University

To find out more email and we will send you details and updates, and register you on the attendee list.