ESiP completion and INPLAS workshop

We are happy to announce that the largest research project in Europe for researching and developing highly integrated System-in-Package solutions, Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package (ESiP), has been been successfully completed! Congratulations to all partners!

Quantemol has led the UK partnership and is honored to have contributed to the collaboration and innovative spirit among 40 companies from 9 European countries.
We are looking forward to new opportunities to collaborate in the future.

Participation in the project triggered the development of our Quantemol-VT software.
More information about it and a video demo can be found here.

We will be attending the workshop “Approaches for modelling technical plasma discharges” in Braunschweig, Germany on 10 September and hope to see some of you there. The workshop takes place in the frame of the INPLAS network, and brings a unique opportunity to discuss different plasma modelling approaches presented by leading companies in the field.