New releases for 2013

Quantemol is happy to share some of our development plans for 2013, which include a new add-on module for Quantemol-N which will be released soon:

1. Quantemol-N: Photo-ionization cross-section calculations module

These processes can be relevant and worth including in your modelling if you are interested in atmospheric pressure plasma or low pressure ones including surface interactions, fusion plasma modelling.
Radiation transport (which may be addressed in its corresponding HPEM module if you are using Quantemol-D) is also potentially important when mimicking plasma diagnostics.

The photo-ionization module is expected to be released in the second half of 2013.

If you are interested in using it please send us more details on what kind of systems and molecules you are interested in. Our development is guided by customers’ needs and your feedback is very important, especially during the development stage.

2. Currently the Quantemol-D interface is being updated and enhanced with extra features:

  • Measuring fluxes above the wafer output plotting (for Surface Kinetics Module).
  • Vector representation of fluxes.
  • Movie viewing (simulation progress monitoring, when running a job).
  • Optimization tab (an automated jobs set-up which allows sampling the parameter space through multiple overnight runs, and helps to find the most stable range of parameters).
  • Improved chemistry inputting (pulling existing data from the database, thus reducing human error).
  • Background jobs set-up (long jobs can run on the background even when the program is closed).

Upon our customers requests there are changes in pricing structure for 2013:

Permanent licence is introduced for both academic and commercial users.
1 year and 3 years licence has been introduced for academic customers instead of 5 year licence.

Please see our new price list for more details.

For more details about our services please refer to our 2013 brochure.

If you were given a quote last year please let us know if you are intending to go ahead with the purchase this year.
Also customers buying software within the first 4 months of the year will get a welcome discount of 10%.