New Brochure

Dear partners,

Thank you very much to those who have attended the talk of Prof. Tennyson on 17th January at “8th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing” in Nara (Japan). For Prof. Tennyson it was a great pleasure to visit Japan and get to know many scientists in Asia working in the field of plasma physics. We are looking forward to the Symposium in Slovenia next year!

You can find the presentation slides of the talk following this link:“Calculated low-energy electron-molecule collisions for plasma problems” Jonathan Tennyson, UCL, Japan 2012

This year we have issued an updated brochure for Quantemol products and services. Please visit this link to download it Brochure 2012. Your comments and questions are very welcome.
Also we are wishing you a Happy New year of Dragon!

Best regards,