Quantemol-N version 3.8 is available now

We are happy to announce that a new version of Quantemol-N 3.8 is now available.

New version features include:

* Extension of electronic excitation cross-section to high electron energies, using BEF model;
* Atomic cross-sections calculations;
* Calculations can be now carried out from the command line;
* A refined and updated tutorial system for novice users;

As well as you can benefit from features of previous versions:

* Calculation Elastic and Electronic Excitation scattering cross sections;
* Dissociative Attachment cross sections;
* BEB ionisation cross sections;
* Automated detection of scattering resonances;
* Complete documentation of the theoretical model, for purposes of publication;

Other news:

Quantemol-D version 1.1 has been launched and already tested by users. Soon examples using GEC cell reactors will be available for your evaluation

Quantemol team attended a regular meeting for members of the biggest research project in Europe: ESiP in Germany.
Quantemol is proud to be part of the ESiP team and contributing to the development of modern technologies.