Individual Cross Sections Calculation

Quantemol Ltd team can calculate electron-molecule scattering cross sections (from dissociative attachment to ionisation cross sections) for you using the expert system Quantemol-N

Please consider a price list below. Data prices are provided for molecules of up to and including 5 atoms in size. Prices are available for larger molecules on application.
Please contact us with your request:, +44 207 679 34 76

Data calculatedPrice
1Basic Pack
Total electron impact single ionization cross sections
Electronic excitation cross sections
Elastic cross sections
Resonance parameters
Radial charge density calculations
2Total electron impact dissociation cross sections£500
3Total electron impact attachment cross sections£500
4Differential cross sections£500
5Momentum transfer cross sections£500
6Vibrational excitation cross sectionsavailable on request – price on application
7Associated branching ratios and partial cross sectionsavailable on request – price on application
8Resonance curvesavailable on request – price on application