Quantemol chief scientist Professor Jonathan Tennyson elected as a fellow of the Royal Society.

“Tennyson is distinguished for his fundamental work on the theory, calculation and application of molecular spectra, obtaining results of great importance in astronomy and planetary studies. His work with Miller, using first principles quantum mechanical calculations to assign an emission spectrum of H3+ in the Jovian ionosphere, led to a new observational handle which is still being actively pursued world-wide. Similar calculations led to a major break- through in understanding the spectra of water and the assignment of a very complicated spectrum of water recorded in sunspots, the detection of water in an extrasolar planet and the development of a comprehensive ab initio model for the system. Tennyson has also made major contributions to the theory and calculation of electron-molecule collision cross sections. He now leads a collaboration of several groups developing and using a world-leading R-matrix computer program; he developed and implemented a new algorithm which has revolutionised the scope of possible calculations.”

Full details can be found here.