Tokyo 2018

Designing and Reducing Complex Chemistry

Thank you very much again for participating in our workshop on 6th September in Tokyo!
As promised please find here links to the presentation slides we have shown here:

The role of Plasma Modelling in Industrial Research” Dr. Ade Ayilaran, Quantemol

Tutorial on the reduction of complex chemistries” Dr. Ade Ayilaran, Quantemol

From chemistry feature scale modelling” Dr. Ade Ayilaran, Quantemol

Efforts for the database on plasma simulation at Athenasys” Kei Ikeda, Athenasys

Crossed-beam measurements of electron impact cross sections” Prof. Hoshino, Sophia University

ATTENTION: The copyrights are reserved by the presenters.

Those who would like to run the simulations with full and reduced set for CF4/O2/H2/N2 chemistry please log in to your QDB account and download it following these links:
CF4/O2/H2/N2 chemistry full set (396 reactions)
CF4/O2/H2/N2 chemistry optimised for low-pressure plasma set (56 reactions)

If you require a different data format than currently available we may be able to help, please email us on
Follow up questions are welcome as well!