London 2018

Electron Scattering Cross Sections for Plasma Physics and Chemistry with Quantemol-N

The workshop took place on 14th September 2018 in University College London, London, UK.

Many thanks to everyone who has attended!

You can download presentation slides here:

Cross section calculations with Quantemol-N , Maria Tudorovskaya, Quantemol Ltd

Electron-molecule scattering using Quantemol in applications for astrophysics, Prof. Slava Kokoouline, University of Florida

R-matrix Inner-Shell Atomic Photoabsorption Methods and Extension to Quantemol Molecular Calculations, Prof. Tom Gorczyca, Western Michigan University

Inelastic electron collision cross sections for plasma modelling: the importance of high energy resolution in the near-threshold region, Andrew Gibson, York Plasma Institute

Using Quantemol to make more complete initial sets for swarm data normalization of cross sections, Prof. Zoran Petrovic, IOP Belgrade

Use of cross-section data in plasma simulations, Sebastian Mohr, Quantemol Ltd

Quantemol DataBase for Plasma Reactions and Chemistries, Jonathan Tennyson, Quantemol Ltd/ UCL

Roadmap of a new software development, Bridgette Cooper, University College London

Hands on session: Cross section calculations with Quantemol-N, Maria Tudorovskaya, Quantemol Ltd

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the workshop next year.
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