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The Role of Plasma Modelling


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Quantemol Workshop Videos


How to design a plasma chemistry set- ground up (Part 1)



How to design a plasma chemistry set- ground up (Part 2)


Quantemol Workshop Videos

Quantemol Workshop 2011

“Latest developments in R-matrix Theory”, Prof. J. Tennyson, FRS


“LX Cat – an open-access web resource of data required for modelling low temperature plasmas”, Prof. L. Pitchford


“Why we’re interested in 2D modelling of Transient Phenomena in Plasmas”, Prof. N. Braithwaite


“How electron and positron scattering cross sections affect transport of charged particles and kinetics of nonequilibrium plasmas” Prof. Z. Petrovic


“Electron induced chemistry – applications from Astrochemistry to cancer therapy “, Prof. N. J. Mason, OBE