Core Model Publications

UK molecular R-matrix

UKRmol: a low-energy electron- and positron-molecule scattering suite, J Carr et al, European Physical Journal D 66 (2012) 58

Electron – molecule collision calculations using the R-matrix method, J Tennyson, Physics Reports 491 (2010) 29-76

RESON: A program for the detection and fitting of Breit-Wigner resonances, J Tennyson & CJ Noble, Computer Physics Communications 33 (1984) 421-424

Electron Attachment

A dissociative electron attachment cross-section estimator, J Munro et al, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 388 (2012) 012013


CDENPROP: Transition matrix elements involving continuum states, A Harvey et al, arXiv:1401.0229

Photoelectron angular distributions from aligned molecules using the R-matrix method, A Harvey et al, arXiv:1402.3853

Basis Set

GTOBAS: fitting continuum functions with Gaussian-type orbitals, A Faure et al, Computer Physics Communications 144 (2002) 224-241

Binary Encounter Bethe (BEB) model

Binary Encounter Dipole model for electron impact ionization, Y Kim & M Rudd, Physical Review 50(5) (1994) 3954-3967

BE-f Scaling

Scaling of plane-wave Born cross sections for electron-impact excitation of neutral atoms, Y Kim, Physical Review A, 64 (2001) 032713-1-032713-10