Advisory Board

Professor Mark Kushner

University of Michigan
Director, Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering
George I. Haddad Professor of Engineering

“A rate limiting step in applying plasma models to industrially relevant applications is the lack of complete cross-section data for complex molecules to be able to address broad ranges of operating conditions. Quantemol-N is capable of providing much of this cross-section data and is aiding my research group in its work. I am confident that Quantemol-N will prove to be valuable to many other researchers requiring complex cross sections for modeling and simulation.”

Professor Nigel Mason OBE

The Open University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Professor of Physics

“Quantemol-N provides much needed electron-molecular scattering data, particularly for molecules and molecular species that are difficult to isolate and study experimentally — such as the fluoro-carbon radicals. Such molecular data is in high demand from both academia and industry. Quantemol-N’s uniqueness lies in the fact that one does not have to be a specialist in the underlying scattering theory in order to utilise it.”