COVID-19 CEO statement

Like many other companies, Quantemol is adapting to the changing environment, influenced by the spread of Covid-19. The health and safety of our employees, clients, and partners are our key priority. We are following advice from the UK government and started working from home this week. Even though this requires changes to our style of working, we are continuing to bring several software tools and our services to support research and innovation.

Travelling, attending conferences and customer meetings always played a significant role in generating revenues. Now this is largely impossible, we are inviting you to take time and consider our products and services via online demo. Additionally, if you know a colleague who might be interested in plasma modelling, electron scattering cross sections data, please introduce them to us.

We are incredibly grateful for any referrals.

There will be more challenges coming in the weeks and months ahead requiring us all to deal with the impact of the virus on people’s lifestyles and the global economy. We are keen to continue working with you. Together we can continue to drive positive change via innovation.

Anna Dzarasova, CEO

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