Kickstart to 2015 in Quantemol

Q-VT for Windows

We are glad to be in touch about some upcoming positive news:

  • First of all we are looking for a new Plasma Scientist to expand our team, please read more details here
  • Second great news is that we are planning another Quantemol workshop “Linking Simulations and Experiment” in London on 11th September 2015. The program and speakers will be announced by the end of March. Please make a note in your calendars and stay tuned. We are working on making this meeting really interesting.
  • Our phone number is changing so if you want to give us a call please use +44 (0)203 549 5841
  • This month we were visited by our CORINF project collaborator Dr Oleg Zatsarinny from Drake University, who is now working with us on providing high precision calculations for atomic cross sections, including relativistic effect. For more details see here or get in touch with us on
  • Quantemol-VT is now available on Windows!
  • Our price list has changed, please find the 2015 version here.
  • Finally, enjoy our latest Quantemol-P video below: