Happy New Year!


The Quantemol team sends you seasonal greetings and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!

We are grateful for your support over 2016, which has been successful for Quantemol, as we launched a new project www.QuantemolDB.com in which we collaborated with many bright scientists and keen developers. During the year we also enjoyed international travel to some wonderful conferences and have embarked on collaborations in several major scientific consultancy projects with our clients.

The Powerbase project has been a flagship for our research and development, bringing new ideas and it has been tremendously exciting being part of the collaboration of over 40 European parties.

Many thanks to all who honoured us in 2016 by trusting Quantemol with your R&D challenges and using our software. We will continue to strive to deliver value to your research and business!

Best regards,
Quantemol team

We invite you to read a new publication using Q-N , photoionisation module


Quantemol team is proud to announce a new publication done by our customer using Quantemol-N software, photoionisation calculation module:
Formation of CN−, C3N−, and C5N− Molecules by Radiative Electron Attachment and their Destruction by Photodetachment
Marjan Khamesian, Nicolas Douguet, Samantha Fonseca dos Santos, Olivier Dulieu, Maurice Raoult, Will J. Brigg, and Viatcheslav Kokoouline
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 123001 – Published 13 September 2016

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GEC 2016 in Bochum how it was

Many thanks to organisers of GEC meeting in Bochum and providing us with a stand and great location as well as very friendly meeting atmosphere!






QuantemolDB.com is live!


The Quantemol team is delighted to release the plasma chemistry database QDB to the world!

We are very excited and looking forward to your feedback and contributions. It is a community targeted project and the QDB mission is to provide plasma chemistry data solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of industrial and academic plasma modelling research.

In order to check out and review QDB, you just need to register which is FREE of charge. 
Just follow this link: www.quantemolDB.com

Here is also a link to the QDB brochure with more details.
If you want to gain access to chemistry sets assembled for you by the Quantemol team, you will need to subscribe; please contact us on sales@quantemol.com.